Rose Slaughter

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Rose Slaughter, Faith Community Nurse and owner of Preferred Medi-Spa

Who I am…

My name is Rose Slaughter. I’m a registered nurse. I’m the owner of Preferred Medi-Spa, which is a medical day spa. We offer aesthetic services as well as wellness services. What I realized is that beauty is in and out.

What led me here…

My mother did medical work and I had admired everything she did, so I said, “What better to do then to do nursing?”

People will have unwanted facial hair. As a registered nurse I made rounds on my patients in the hospital, I was noticing there was a difficulty with ladies.

I just developed a passion at that time to seek that training further and got my electrolysis license, My business opened in 1989 as an electrolysis business—that is permanent hair removal.

How faith plays a role in my work…

Faith plays a big role in my work in reference to what I can give the client.

A lot of times if they’re trying to unravel a complication, it’s always spirit based and I just take them back there and let them know that everything that seems like a hodgepodge can be unraveled with just knowing who is in power and who is in control. And once they do that, they realize how they can solve whatever issue that they’re going through.

I define healthcare as…

I define health care as a way that people who don’t have avenues of their own naturalness to seek something that somebody else can give them.

One of Memphis’ greatest healthcare challenges is…

I think Memphis’ greatest health care challenge is just the fast pace of life. You got so much fast food out there and people working two jobs, they’re not taking time to really focus on a more comfortable, a low-key life.

But what Memphis healthcare is doing right is…

I’ve noticed that some of the insurance companies, they’ve come up with more wellness nurses that can connect with the patients outside of the hospital and work with them, like, one-on-one that way. They’re doing a lot of health fairs in the community. And people who are interested, they go and partake of those and they get information to learn more about their own health.

The biggest challenge in my healthcare work is…

Well, right now as an FCN, it’s actually getting us into the mainstream of things, like hospitals and different agencies because it is so new in this area. That would be the greatest challenge.

The greatest reward in my healthcare work is…

Oh some of my greatest rewards as an FCN is that it has just inspired me to just go full-fledged in what I’ve always thought and what I’m doing now. As a matter of fact, I’ve got a manuscript that I’m writing and I hope to complete it soon, so it’s kinda pushing me into finding the time to do it. It’s on 12 steps to wellness. It gives that individual a “well map” of how to get to a journey of wellness.

Learn more about Preferred Medi-Spa.

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