The Russell Family

20150225_The Russell Family 01 low res
Lily Russell and her daughter Jane, members of Church Health Wellness

Who I am…

My name is Lily Russell and I have three daughters whose names are Jane, Clemens and Hazel. I am a stay-at-home mom.

What led me here…

I don’t enjoy competitive activities, so those things never really gained traction in my own life. It wasn’t really until college and I was pretty strict with myself about it, so I didn’t actually enjoy it ever. I did it because I thought I was supposed to do it.

I try to stay dedicated now, but I just enjoy it more. I try to go three or four times a week. I almost always have the girls with me. They love it. That’s my favorite part of the Church Health Center—the childcare is amazing. They’re really well taken care of, they have fun, they get excited about going.

How faith plays a role in my life…

We’re Christians. We go to a Presbyterian church downtown and do devotions with the girls.

I think Jesus cares about our hearts as well as our bodies and I want our kids to learn that and I want them to see it as something that’s attainable and enjoyable to attain and to be thankful that they have bodies that work well and they can go out and run or jump or do gymnastics.

I define healthcare as…

I would say health care for me starts at home and that it’s an individual responsibility to take care of your health.

I also think it’s a big systemic issue involving the government and churches and communities and doctors, hospitals. All aspects play a really important role and I think it’s not great when one portion of that outweighs the others.

One of Memphis’ greatest healthcare challenges is…

There are a lot of areas in Memphis that don’t have good access to healthy food. I think that’s a major problem. We have too much access to unhealthy food.

Income disparity, I would say, is another major problem. The infant mortality rate. Sadly there are a lot of answers to that questions, I think.

But what Memphis healthcare is doing right is…

I think there are a lot of people who are passionate about making Memphis a city that people really love to live in. I love Memphis, but it also has a pretty bad reputation in some ways. I think it’s great how many people there are who really want to change that.

The biggest challenge in my healthcare work is…

Time and energy levels just with three young kids. Sometimes it would be easier to stay at home rather than pack everybody up and go to the gym, or it would be easier to order a pizza rather than make dinner.

The greatest reward in my healthcare work is…

I think we’re happier, we feel better physically. I think we feel better about the future knowing that we are doing what we can to make sure we’re around for a while and, and kinda passing that along to our children.

20150225_The Russell Family 02 low res
(l-r) Clemens, Jane, and Hazel Russell

Jane and Clemens share their healthy choices…

Jane: I really like to work out. I really like to run and do gymnastics. I really like cartwheels and backbends because I know they help your body stretch out and get more healthy.

I really like to eat healthy things because I know it helps my body grow and what I really like to do is exercise. And that’s two of my favorite things to ever do. My favorite healthy food is potatoes.

Clemens: Most of the time I like to brush my teeth.

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