Isaiah Lewis

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Isaiah Lewis, 5th grader at New Hope Christian Academy and Garden Champion

Who I am…

My name is Isaiah Lewis. I’m in 5th grade and I go to New Hope Christian Academy.

I got the name Isaiah when I was born. I didn’t cry and the doctors figured out it was because I wasn’t breathing and so they had to run and do surgery on my heart and my mom prayed and the second after she prayed I started crying, so then I got the name Isaiah, which is “the Lord saves.”

What led me here…

Garden Club is pretty fun. That area of land where the garden is used to be a huge, empty, dead grass hole pit and then Ms. Ramsey hired Mr. Vaughn because she loves gardening, so they’re like, “We can put a garden because there’s no other use for it.” So in a year they built it, and then the next year they started garden club, where we can help grow plants, harvest, and things like that.

How faith plays a role in my life…

I gave myself to Christ when I was six. Asked that I would follow Him everywhere He goes and whatever He tells me to do and give up whatever it takes to get people to know Him.

When I’m outside sometimes, it’s like He’s speaking to me when I’m gardening, in the wind or in the breeze or things like that. And I like seeing all the creation, because even though us people plant the seeds, water, and pick it, it’s all really God who lets the plants prevail on.

I define healthcare as…

I guess the first thing that would come to my mind would be a hospital or things like that.

One of Memphis’ greatest healthcare challenges is…

There’s drug stores in Memphis, so you can obviously overdrug. You can starve yourself for some reason. There’s pollution. There’s [defects] when you’re born, things like that.

I think ways to stay healthy are…

You can stay off drugs for the first part. You can probably try and help the environment by saving water, doing Earth Days, picking up garbage. You can also eat healthy. Not too many sweets. Vegetables, meat, also dairy, and not fat or any of those things.

You definitely want to eat the right foods. You don’t want to get dehydrated, because the problem with dehydration is you never realize you’re dehydrated until it gets really bad.

You also want to get a good amount of exercise so you don’t get too big, and you also want to keep your blood sugar, so you don’t want to have too high blood sugar or too low blood sugar.

When I grow up…

I was going to grow up to be a pharmacist, and they sometimes use medicine with vegetation. I love science, it’s my favorite subject. And I love chemistry, and I like helping. Like healthcare, it’s the first time I’ve heard it, but I love helping people who are sick, and a kind of mix of that is being a pharmacist, somebody who works with medicine, a little bit with vegetation, and he helps people.

Learn more about New Hope Christian Academy.

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