About the Memphis Health and Faith Project

Memphis boasts to one of the best children’s hospitals and one of the nation’s highest infant mortality rates. It’s home to two of the largest private hospitals in the nation, yet 18% of Shelby County’s population is uninsured (County Health Ratings, 2014). Hovering along the western rim of the Bible belt, Memphis is booming with churches seeking to care for spirits, but whose pews are filled with the physically unhealthy.

What health issues do various Memphis populations face? What efforts are in place to make Memphis healthier? What role does faith play in caring for the Memphis community? And finally, just what is healthcare exactly?

The Memphis Health and Faith Project explores these questions by speaking with Memphians about their own health-and-faith stories. Kat Franchino, a 2014-15 Church Health Scholar, conducted this project from January 2015 – November 2015 as part of her Scholar year.


All photographs are ©Kat Franchino for Church Health Center use. Out of respect for the Memphis Health and Faith storytellers, no photograph or story may be used without permission. For permission, questions, or to learn more, please contact Kat Franchino